After serving as Overseer for nearly two years with a local church in Harnett County, circumstances and major differences on Christian Doctrine, Overseer Maxwell was left with a situation in June of 2008 to answer the call for a ministry in Benson, N.C., thus Second Chance Christian Church was born.

Second Chance started with two couples and three children. It has truly been a faith walk from day one. We have seen our membership roll increase nearly 1,000% over the past four years.

During the month of September 2009 we relocated to 1,500 square foot building at 564 Village Court, Garner, NC. God was truly in the middle of opening doors that the move could become a reality. The space was very small but so was our congregation. On July 1, 2012, on a walk of faith, we moved to our present location, a 4,700 square foot building at 530 Village Court, Garner, NC, a space three times the size of our previous location.

We have been blessed with a transportation fleet of three vehicles, a 15 passenger mini bus, 26 passenger bus and a 7 seat van for traveling. We believe in counting up the cost before we start on a journey, consequently everything that we have in this ministry, of course, is paid in full.

Over the past several years we have fellowshipped with churches from Mississippi, Myrtle Beach to Richmond, Virginia to include 15 churches in this local area. Our goal is to help break down the walls and partitions that separate us one from another.

During the month of May 2009, we were granted [501(C) 3] status by the Federal Government. Needless to say, we are excited about the possibilities of expanding and birthing new ministry opportunities through the many faith-based programs available.

God is still in the blessing business as He continues to write our story.

We look forward, with the help of the Lord and your prayers and support, to another year of harvest as we seek to help people find their “Second Chance” through the Word of God.

~Pastor Ed Maxwell~